Samstag, 3. September 2011

This is it. A General constant love with a lack of adventure

School started two weeks ago. I am extremely busy because I want to catch up on everything I missed out and miss out on everything cause I'm trying to catch up... you know what I mean? nevermind.

I joined a gym close to me and try to work out every other day... it's an amazing feeling if you exhaust your body :] ... same with Dancing: You feel every muscle of your body which moves astheticly, gracefully, provocatively... You fall in love with your body again, learning and working on loving it. Dancing is just about the best therapy.

Right now I'm at work. I'm a waitress and barkeeper a couple days a week in our restaurant.
It's funny how fast you get adjusted on the amount of money you handle...

The Sky is the limit! .... I'm so busy I'm neglecting my lovelife.... ... passiert.

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